The Bach Flower remedies were discovered by Edward Bach, a medical doctor practising in the 1930’s. Throughout his career he observed that disease usually occurs as a result of emotional imbalance, caused by negative emotions which have not been resolved. Doctors today agree that stress and anxiety are a major cause of physical disease – the mind and body are closely linked, so a healthy balanced emotional state really does affect our physical well-being too. Consequently the remedies are selected based on the emotional outlook and personality of a person, rather than focusing on the physical symptoms.

The BFR’s are an ideal system to promote a more balanced emotional life; relieve symptoms of stress and help you to cope better through difficult times – everyone (including babies, children and pregnant women) can benefit from using the remedies.

The most well known remedy is the crisis formula known as Rescue Remedy which is useful for coping with stressful situations and everyday trauma’s. However, there are 38 remedies which cover the full range of human emotions (see below). So, no matter how you are feeling emotionally – there are remedies to help lift your mood, relieve your anxiety and help you get back on track with life.


  • Agrimony -   put on a cheerful exterior to hide feelings
  • Centaury -   put upon, find it difficult to say no
  • Chestnut Bud -   fail to learn from repetitive mistakes
  • Crab Apple -   poor self image, shame, embarrassment
  • Gorse -   hopelessness and despair
  • Honeysuckle -   live in the past, nostalgic, melancholic
  • Larch -   lack confidence, feel inferior
  • Oak -   struggle on although tired, neglects own needs
  • Red Chestnut -   over-concern and fear for one’s loved ones
  • Scleranthus -   difficulty in making decisions
  • Vervain -   over-enthusiatic, fixed principles, argumentative
  • Water Violet -   proud, aloof disposition, prefer own company
  • Wild Rose -   apathy, no effort to improve one’s situation


  • Aspen -   unexplained fears and apprehension
  • Cerato -   doubt own judgement, require reassurance
  • Chicory -   over-possessive, demanding nature
  • Elm -   overwhelmed by responsibilities
  • Heather -   self absorbed, talks about own trivia, lonely
  • Hornbeam -   mentally weary, ‘Monday morning feeling’
  • Mimulus -   fear due to known source, ‘a worrier’
  • Olive -   physical and mental exhaustion
  • Rock Rose -   for extreme fear and panic
  • Star of Bethlehem -   for the effects of shock and trauma
  • Vine -   strong-willed and domineering
  • White Chestnut -   persistent unwanted thoughts and worries
  • Willow -   feel resentful and self pity, ‘poor me’


  • Beech -   always find fault and are intolerant of others
  • Cherry Plum -   irrational feelings, fear of being out of control
  • Clematis -   tendency to daydream, lack focus
  • Gentian -   despondent, easily discouraged by setbacks
  • Holly -   experiences feelings of jealousy, hatred and suspicion
  • Impatiens -   impatient and easily irritated
  • Mustard -   sudden unexplained gloom and depression
  • Pine -   feelings of guilt and blame for other people’s mistakes
  • Rock Water -   inflexible attitude, sets high standards for oneself
  • Sweet Chestnut -   deep despair, at limit of endurance
  • Walnut -   for life changes and protection when vulnerable
  • Wild Oat -   uncertain as to direction in life, dissatisfaction
  • Rescue Remedy -   stressful situations, trauma, shock

“We can accept the essences into our life and take them, knowing that they will help us in our personal growth and well-being.”

Dr Edward Bach


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