During this very special time, you may well feel you want to make extra efforts to ensure that you and your baby share a healthy, natural pregnancy, so that you can look forward to a positive and meaningful birth. Complementary therapies are a wonderful way to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience in addition to the routine care you receive from your midwife and doctor.

Research has repeatedly shown that remaining positive and free from stress, results in a better birth experience for both mother and baby. Using complementary therapies helps you to:

Remain focused and positive throughout your pregnancy and birth

Cope better with emotional up’s and down’s

Build a nurturing relationship with your baby

Ease pregnancy ailments

Minimize intervention during labour and birth

Promote relaxation and reduction of stress

Enhances the production of naturally occurring pain-killers (endorphins) and birth hormones which help labour to progress normally

Always inform your midwife if you are using any form of complementary therapies

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The use of complementary therapies after your baby is born will help you and your partner to adjust and cope better with the challenges associated with parenthood. At Bach and Natural we have many years experience of using CT’s safely for pregnancy, relying on sound research where this is available.

Bach and Natural offer a range of holistic therapies to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience:

Maggie Evans
Maggie Evans

Pregnancy massage/Shiatsu

helps to relax you, relieves pregnancy aliments and nurtures your baby.

Bach Flower remedies

promotes emotional well-being for you and your baby.

Nutritional advice

to ensure you are providing all the essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. Preconception advice also available to ensure optimum health in preparation for conception.


helps to relax you and your baby, enhances well-being and a positive attitude.

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